What if every day felt light and promising, like the first day of summer?

How do I create a life that feels like that?

Where could I be 365 days from now if I committed myself to the things that make me happy?

What if I stopped dreaming and planning and started doing?

Something clicked in late 2014 as I found myself in an emotional and physical valley. After reading Susan Cain’s Quiet, I realized I needed to make serious change in my life. Since then, I’ve made professional moves and am rediscovering things I’ve always loved but had neglected, realizing I could reboot my life by committing to my true self and core desires. It worked. A shift in mindset and a lot of action have brought me a long way.

Just weeks ago I felt the drive to write again, returning to my lifelong hobby of chronicling my days and satisfying a deep hunger to create, share, and perhaps even teach a little.

Welcome to Grand, Gold Year, where I share the story of how I’m actively making these next 365 days of my life the best yet.

– Katherine

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