Letters from the Editor · Summer

In June, we leap

June is the best month of the year. It’s when I feel the most inspired, the most alive.

In the spirit of my favorite season, I’m really kicking off this old blog with its new focus.

You may be wondering what Grand, Gold Year even means. Well, now’s the perfect time to explain.


For months I’ve thought about how to write about on the things I love most in life. But yeah, this isn’t super-compelling unless you know me or share exactly the same interests I do.

Things I love writing about fall into a few areas: self-improvement, discipline, motivation, health, creativity, and artistic expression. I want to talk about all these things — more specifically, actually doing them.

I used to envy others’ progress on their fitness, art, and projects. Then I realized I’ve been letting months wither away thanks to inaction or by conducting unnecessary research I think I need to get started on something.

What if I shaped my time so that I accomplished more? Where could I be a year from today?

Now is the best time of all to talk about doing and putting plans into motion. Early summertime, like its bounty of produce, is meant to be savored.


Focusing on goals and taking steps to get there means I’ll be making the most of each day. Spending my time, money, and energy in a meaningful, deliberate way allows me to create a more meaningful summer that feels more like those of my childhood — satisfying, joyful, slow.

I want to carry this energy with me throughout the year.

Over the next several months (and hopefully years) to come, I’ll be sharing things that make me happy, projects I’m tackling, great recipes I’ve made, my journey to reclaim my fitness, what moves me to action, and more. 


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