Letters from the Editor

A new beginning

Hello again. This is a new beginning. Yes, another.


It feels wonderful to type those words. I’ve missed this space immensely, and have flipped and flopped for the past eight months on how I wanted to return.

In the time I was away, I thought deeply about privacy, openness, and what sharing creative output means to me. Eventually I realized I love this and need this, so here I am writing again. And then I realized that I want to create more than collections of thoughts — maybe some painting, crafts, that stuff has a place here, too.

Can anyone else relate to the inescapable gravitational pull of a creative outlet?

I am here because I want you to experience a bit of the spark that’s ignited something in me.

There’s also been a lot of personal work going on behind the scenes, the hard kind we know we must tackle when we need to bring change about in our lives but are so underwater we’re not sure where to start. That work was necessary and good. I am here today stronger and happier than ever before. So far, my thirties are pretty great.

Of course, I don’t have life all figured out, but I am here because I want you to experience a bit of the spark that’s ignited something in me, in hopes that you’ll feel it in your own life. We can do better every day, together.

At this moment I’m grateful that I can always return to this space, to refocus my work, to grow, with each of you listening and cheering me on along the way. Thank you for reading today and for sticking around over the past six years.

Welcome to Grand, Gold Year. This is a new beginning of my best year yet. And we’re only getting started.


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